Stregnthening The Bond

Today I put a huge effort into spending more time with Trace today. It felt so good. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my second, I worried about the time I would have with Trace. I knew things would be different once the baby came. I prepared myself as much as I could. But I didn't realize how big of an impact another baby would make on the relationship he and I shared. I think he was confused at first, seeing the nursing bond I had with Phoenix. I think he sees how coddled she is and gets his feelings hurt. He is such a sensitive little boy and in the whirlwind of new baby bliss I would forget to nurture his feelings at times. 

This is not to say my boy is neglected- he is far from it. But the baby does get the majority of attention due to the fact she is smaller and needs more from me right now. Trace is so mature for his age I forget sometimes that he really is only 2. However I take a serious stand on talking feelings with your children. Helping them learn what they are feeling inside and showing them how to cope with the problem at hand. I feel it is always important to honor your child's feelings as they are human beings and all children's feelings deserve to be heard.

I have been making it a point to stop myself and make sure I am giving equal attention to both kids. Today every time Trace asked to play, instead of my normal, "Hold on hunnie, mommy has to just do one thing..." I sat down and played with him. The very moment he asked me. The payoff was amazing. I got extra hugs. I was given kisses. I was told, "I Love You Mommy" three times today!

I love that boy more than life itself. He amazes me every day. I am still learning how to love the little boy he is- we show our love for each other so differently. He is less touchy, reserved until he is ready and I express my love to others as cuddly, clingy and emotionally open. But when we work together we really bring the love together beautifully. He is my little angel.  I need to continue to put more focus on our relationship as mother and son. We had an amazing day together. 

On a side note: Wow, my hair changed so much!

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