A True Mother In Every Sense Of The Word

I am so proud of the mother I have become in the past few years. However there are (many) things I am doing now the second time around that I had not done with Trace. And I honestly get a little misty eyed thinking about the fact he may have missed out on some good experiences as a baby. I have learned so much since becoming pregnant for the second time and I have opened myself to new ideas I wouldn't budge on the first time. I have had such a wonderful woman and mother to thank for all the natural changes that have come to me. My dear friend Bekah has shown me that breastfeeding isn't all that scary, that you won't spoil (or roll onto) your baby if you sleep with her at night, cloth diapers really aren't as gross as they may seem from outside perspective, and a multitude of other lessons I had ignored for so long. I have her (and the good ol informative internet) to thank for the changes I hold so close to my heart. I feel like a whole new person, and it is refreshing to drop my ignorance of such natural parenting ways and actually embrace it. 
Bekah has always been there to support whatever decisions I have made, and like any true friend would she gently nudged me in the right direction when I needed it. She cheered for me on the sidelines in the early months of nursing a demanding infant, and answered all my diaper questions without as much as a sigh of annoyance. She is a wonderful, patient, kind hearted soul and one I am so blessed to know.
If you are a mommy to be, or even an experienced mama looking for ways to become closer to your kids I recommend you take a look at her wonderfully informative blog. It's a day by day look into the mind of an exceptional mother. She may be young but this chick has 40 year old first time moms beat by a landslide!

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Rhiannon said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower who actually came by your blog thanks to My Little Loves. I had to agree with you that Bekah seems like an amazing person and mother, you must be very lucky to have such a beautiful friend.
Enjoying browsing your blog,
Take care, Rhiannon :)

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