Backyard Play Time!

It has finally stopped raining and the kids and I decided to end our wonderful day filled with mall trips, bookstore fun, and lunch out with daddy with a little time on the swings in the yard. Listening to Phoenix squeal with delight as she rocked towards me on her swing gave me butterflies. And Trace is loving the little play house even though it is still not completely finished. 

Where's my pants mom?

Right before he walked directly behind the swing

By the time we got inside it was bed time for the kiddos, we piled into Trace's bed and read the new book we got for him. 
Trace is on a BusyTown kick lately... And I love it just as much as he does. Gotta love Lowely!
Derek and I are just sitting down to some homemade pizza and the 2 hour finale of Master Chef. The crickets are chirping, the kids are snoring, and mama and daddy are two happy campers.


Samantha said...

Swings are so much fun. She looks like she is having a blast. :)

HelloKelly said...

She was! She was laughing hysterically and the laughter was really contagious!

emily grace said...

Your kids are precious. :) (My hubby and I loooove Master Chef!)

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