New Home Updates!

I am writing this in between bouts of incredible crying and Trace appearing at the top of the stairs yelling down "I'm ok mommy, can I come down? I'm afraid!". His latest way of getting out of bed time is using my empathy against me. And for the longest time it worked, but oh boy am I coming around to his tricks! Sneaky kid.
Anyway-after a huge spaghetti dinner (the floor ate most of it tonight) the kids were a sloppy sauce mess, we got them bathed and tucked into bed. From then on someone was either instigating the other one into tears or crying down to bed held or loved. It's been a tiring, busy day. Derek and I got alot of the boxes in the garage cleared out and flattened to be recycled. In between ice cream dates and wiping boogers off a sick Phoenix's nose, we got a few more pictures added to Trace's room, I think I finally have his bedroom finished. Phoenix's room still needs some work, the walls seem pretty bare and our funds are running low because of the the excitement of buying new things for the house. We will have to wait to go on another IKEA run until after our trip to DisneyWorld next month!
I snapped some shots today of some of my favorite parts of my new home, mind you, the rooms are not finished but I am just too excited not to share what we have been doing the last two weeks. While we may not own this house we find it to be absolutely perfect for us. Especially since our long term goals do not include living in Connecticut forever. We have big dreams of moving the Arizona in the next few years and until we do renting the house of our dreams works well for us.

Check out what's been going on at the new place!

 Half our yard is fenced in and the rest is wide open space.

I am obsessed with the little nook I made for him underneath the shelves. He loves hiding in there with the curtains closed!

I love the netting over her crib!
 The small start to my cupcake kitchen!
 The living room is so cozy at night. My favorite part is the teal accent wall we chose. I would have never chosen that color but for some reason I was so attracted to, and it worked!

Dining room!
 Play room! 
I need to get some new curtains and some more tree wall decals and this room will be complete.

I am in love with the moose head hanger!
 The view from my bedroom window is beautiful.

 And here are the kids enjoying cleaning with mommy and daddy.

 That boy needs a haircut! Badly!
The other rooms like the master bed/bath and downstairs bath have big plans as well. But we are working on a few rooms at a time. I will post more pics once some other places get finished. Here's a hint for one of the bathrooms though! 
So I am doing pretty darn well lately, and apart from being exhausted with all the chaos I am loving life completely. Things are so zen lately. And I'm diggin it. 


Mommyof3 said...

The new place is gorgeous! You have a flair for decorating!

Rhiannon said...

I can't get over the size of your backyard, that is amazing! Perfect for you littlies. And you are very clever with your decorating, the colours and little ideas like the nook in the bedroom are great! Well done, look forward to seeing more when the time comes!
Rhi xx


Wow you really lucked out with such an awesome house! It reminds me of the house in Seymour...big yard & play room!

kimberlyann said...

It looks awesome! I agree that you need an awesome job. Especially with Trace's nook. I can see why he loves it so much. I need a playroom like yours!


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