IKEA Adventures!

Oh boy.... Derek and I did some shopping yesterday. Alot of shopping. IKEA is bad news on a budget. Why? Because it is impossible to not go over budget. 
Check out what we got, I tried so hard to get away from the black furniture but of course it sucks me back in. I was looking for more natural tones but the modern look of the black will always be my fave.We needed to pick up a bed room set for Trace and walked out the door with a dining room set, new shades for the chandelier, and 2 dressers for Trace's room. We are waiting on the bed as it is currently out of order.

The furniture plan for Trace's room. 
I plan on putting two of these next to each other and adding a glass top on it. They are pretty tiny but at $35 each I could not resist.
Here is the bed we are waiting on!

Check out the adorable high chair we got for Phoenix so she can sit at the table with us!
The kids loved looking at all the neat things in the store and we stopped to eat some lunch after we were done shopping. I love that IKEA is only half an hour away from us! We need to make more trips there. 
I still have some packing to do- I will be working on the bathrooms and throwing everything into a box. I am past the orderly way of doing things. With five days left before the move I just want everything to be packed and prepared to go out the door of the apartment. I am  so ready and anxious to be at the new place.


Adria said...

Ikea a half hour away?! SO JEALOUS. lol

We are planning on taking a trip to our nearest one which is 3 hours away to buy Iris a new bed for her own room! So excited but I need to sell her crib first!

Has your book come yet? I got Iris' teething necklace from Inspired By Finn. http://hyenacart.com/inspiredbyfinn/

Try looking for Inspired By Finn on Amazon too - they tend to have more things in stock there. That's where I got mine. It definitely has taken the edge off and has totally stopped the drooling! :)

Tiffany said...

super cute blog! We have the highchair you posted, er...well had our 2 year old got too heavy and it started ripping :( but it was a great chair. :)

HelloKelly said...

Adria- You will have to show me which bed you decide to pick! I loved all the colorful kids room things!
I did get the book (finally!) and because of the charting you initially have to do I have yet to start it. However Phoenix has thankfully been sleeping much better at night. Let's see how a change in scenery goes though.

Tiffany- I love the highchair so much! I was wondering how long it would last for, now I know :D baby weighs more than my 2 year old so I have a feeling I will get a good year out of it and then it will be done hehe.

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