The Friendship Car

Just the other day I was driving to Dunkin Donuts and stopped at a red light.  Next to me pulled up a car, not just any one but the "Friendship Car". 
My husband and I have a Nissan Cube Krom (that's a mouthful, huh?) and the oddest thing happened once we got it. I haven't had many cars in my time but the two I owned before never triggered the waves and smiles from drivers of the same vehicle as the Cube does. 
Nissan Cube
It is almost like being part of some sort of secret club, every time you pass someone on the road with a Cube you have to give them a little wave "hello"! For the longest time I didn't see any one in my town, let alone the state who had the same car as we do. Now all of a sudden I see people everywhere driving Cubes. A lot of people think they are hideous and look like toasters but I love our little toaster. We have taken to calling our car 'Cubert C. Cubertson'. Or 'Cubey' for short. Not only is it spacious, funky, and fun it's a great way to make some friends!

Our babies love Cubey too!!

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