Life In A Blur

Tomorrow is the big moving day- I am so ready to settle down. Last week was spent painting every room in the house, countless hours working on the upstairs bedrooms and getting them all painted and ready for the kids. Yesterday we finished painting the playroom for the kids and set up some of the Ikea furniture. The apartment is pretty desolate now and I cannot stand being in there any longer so tonight we are camping out in the living room of our wonderful new home. I am so happy and so excited for what is to come. 
Today was our last day in the apartment, with no tv, no toys, and mountains of boxes the kids were going nuts. 12 hours just sitting and waiting for daddy to come home from work was so rough on us all. I felt like ripping all my hair out. We practiced our animal names on flash cards, built box houses, took naps together in mommy's bed and tried to just get through the last day.

Playing in empty cabinets

There was nothing to do today.

Fifi is finally learning to crawl.

Bye bye apartment :(

Messy facx

Nap times.

Box homes.

I am obsessed with my teal accent wall!

Laundry room!

Preparing for my cupcake kitchen :)

Start of the forest themed play room.
Derek is spending the night here playing Super Mario Brothers and I will be continuing to put together Trace's bedroom furniture.

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