Moments Of Beauty

Father and son share some time together.
Amidst the disarray and confusion of boxes piled sky high in the garage (our very first garage, might I add with a twinkle of happiness) and bubble wrap draped here and there, I am finding moments where I stop myself and look around. Here I am, in my dream home with a family I never imagined actually having. 
 My parents divorced when I was 5 and my mom was a single parent ever since. I knew nothing different growing up and had just expected that my life would some how end up the same as hers. Although the life I am living right now was always the one I dreamed of being a part of, I never truly thought it was possible for me. I simply concluded that I would be like my mom, single and struggling until my kids flew the nest. So I still pinch myself here and there to make sure this happiness I am feeling is a reality.
So many of the simplistic daily activities that happen in my home are beyond beautiful to me. Waking up to my son climbing in my bed, the sound of my daughter babbling to her dolls in her crib, turning over to see my husband asleep next to me, sitting on the patio while my kids play. Even trips to the grocery store as a family are so meaningful to me. I try my hardest to set aside my annoyances of such mundane errands and realize that every thing I have wished for since I was a child has come true...

My dreams have come true.
And it is so perfect that it almost doesn't seem real. 
I just pinched myself.

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