Poo On You, Irene!

 I am not really the big worrying type.
 I have my typical mommy fears, like everyone else. But as a whole I am pretty laid back when it comes to thinking about every little thing that "could" or "might" go wrong in life . 
I tend to think that the more you focus on bad things happening , the more you attract the same thing you are afraid of. So I take my precautions and move on with life. There is not use sitting and fretting. It's a waste. 
With that being said, I will be honest that all this news about the impending hurricane arriving in Connecticut is freaking me out a tad. When I heard the weather man refer to Irene as a potential "historic" storm I started a running list in my head of things we should have, just in case. So Derek and I will be heading to the store to stock up on batteries, candles, and water. I am not looking forward to spending Sunday (the day of the storm) alone in the house with the kids. Derek will be at work, unless they close and I hope they do. Trace doesn't do well with storms and quite honestly I feel like a 6 year old again every time a storm happens. When Trace starts crying and asking to hide under blankets I keep my brave face on but inside I just want to say, "Oh baby, mommy wants to hide under blankets too!"
Hopefully this will all be one big dramatic flop. And in that case, at least I took the precautions and we won't have to go shopping for the next big hurricane (that better not ever come).
As for now, the sun is shining and mama has a lot of laundry to catch up on.
And I should probably clean the cat box.


Adria said...

If you both want to hide under blankets, maybe try a "special storm fort" that he can help you make out of blankets and boxes (if you still have them from your move). It may make him (and you!) feel more secure, distracted and have fun at the same time! You could even have a tea party in there too. :D

Rhiannon said...

I have been hearing a little about this on news here in Australia, I hope it passes and doesn't cause as much trouble as they are saying it will.
Take care, Rhi xx

HelloKelly said...

Hey gals! I have asked my sister in law to come stay with me on sunday (the big storm day) if she doesn't have to work. I really don't want to be alone. Stores were barren and even water was completely off the shelves. Couldn't find batteries, flashlights, or any candles under 15$ so.... looks like things will be a little less prepared around here then I initially thought. But I am sure this will all just blow over (pardon the pun haha)

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