Rock You Like A Hurricane

The eye of the storm has yet to approach, we are lazily hanging around the house. Irene has given us a new pond in the backyard. That was nice of her.
Daddy is playing video games and the kids are napping. I am about to do the same. 
Last night was rough. Phoenix did her usual up all night party time and I was wide awake with her. I couldn't get the visions of my sister out of my head, I think it is going to take me a bit to get over what happened yesterday. It was scary to say the least. 
While the wind blows, and tree branches break, we decided to color pictures of items you would need in a hurricane. Trace drew flashlights, bottles of water, and toys. I drew whatever the typical paranoid storm mama would, with the added chocolate bar. And Derek drew an umbrella(um....ok??)
Phoenix attempted to color but decided the crayon was a better item to eat then draw with.

And of course no hurricane family day would be complete without an awesome theme song.  
(Don't mind the poor quality)

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