Things I Love Right Now

I recently picked up some coconut milk anti breakage serum for my hair in the hopes it would help heal the horrible condition my hair is in. The very first time I used it I fell instantly in love! First off, the stuff smells delicious! Not only that but it left my hair beyond shiny. Almost to the point of looking like fake hair, works for me! I can't say whether it has really helped my fried split ends but I can say for the softness, smell, and shine factor alone I am hooked on this stuff. I have passed by the brand for years and never really picked anything up by them, lately on my organic binge I decided to give it a try. I have a feeling I will be switching myself over to everything they make. Check out their site, I was amazed at all the yummy sounding shampoos and conditioners they have!

Dude...... I am obsessed with Oreo's as it is but they just came out with this new kind and let me just say YUM!!!!! Stick the peanut butter kind in the freezer and save some money instead of buying the Girl Scout Cookie's. Tastes exactly the same! I ate a whole package in one night and had to get more the next day.
Don't judge me, I feel ashamed enough as it is. Ok. Not really, hehe.

It may be a month early but I like to mention my birthday ahead of time, in case people need a little reminder. September 27th folks! Not only that but I am loving this year's September birthday's even more! Phoenix will be one year old on the 18th and I am still in planning mode for her little party. We are headed to Disneyworld for 10 days starting Sept 22nd and although that will be one big birthday party for her I would still like to have a small gathering at home to celebrate the momentous occasion that she has made it to a year (without any bumps or bruises, hah)! I am so happy to be sharing a birth month with that beautiful angel of mine!

Life(Is it me or does this word look funny?)
Life could not be any better right now. The move is over and surprisingly in a weeks time with the help of family our home is looking like we have lived here for months now. Alot has been accomplished and I will be so excited for the end of decorating. However until then I am having a blast shopping for new things for the place!

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Anonymous said...

hi-- I too love organic products, and have as well two Organix items. I do want to point out though that their products are NOT organic. Check the ingredients. Some sneaky labeling!

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