Fabulous Friday!

Bye bye blonde!
Ah, today was peaceful, quiet and fulfilling. I woke up, snatched my baby from her pack n play and layed with her in bed for an hour. We touched faces, we kissed, we talked, she nursed, we dozed in and out of sleep and finally rolled out of bed reluctantly for breakfast around 9. Trace had his swim class with Nonna today so he was off having a blast in the gorgeous summer weather. A warm breeze blew all the curtains of my new home and I was so happy to be fluttering around picking up boxes and doing laundry. Once Phoenix went down for her afternoon nap I got around to the much neglected business of dying my hair. It needed it, badly.
I continually ask myself how mothers have time to get their nails done, and how their eyebrows don't look like overgrown caterpillars. I barely have time to shave my legs (or armpits for that matter) before having to jump from the shower to see why one, or both of my kids is screaming and banging on my bathroom door. I vaguely recall a time when I got a mani/pedi/eye brow waxing bi-weekly. It was relaxing, rejuvenating, and short lived. I did however get my hair done and managed enough time to slap some makeup on, pluck my brows, and shave my legs. I felt like a new woman. I even slipped on a very short dress just to continue the pretty feeling I was in. There were no plans to leave the house, and only the baby would be seeing me today but I was looking cute for no one but myself. I turned on my Jacks Mannequin Pandora station, blasted music throughout the house and got my laundry on!
Phoenix woke up in a terrible mood (I am assuming she has a cold) and we enjoyed a lunch meal of waffle, banana slices and a side of major melt down. She threw her food all over the floor and I proceeded to plop her in her new playroom while I got a few other things done for the day. 
Spoiling myself
Brown hair!

My sunny backyard!
My newest favorite cookie!
The playroom is coming together well!
Ikea meatballs and spaghetti for dinner
Dinner with the hubby while watching tv
My view right now

 Time to head off to bed- the kids carpets are being put into their rooms tomorrow morning!

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Adria said...

You and your new hair are so pretty! And your new house looks SO amazing! I can't wait until we can move into a beautiful, spacious place like that!

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