Today's Disaster Date

So we had a play date today and it went, well, terrible.
I thought it would be a smart idea to have the fun times scheduled for after naps were done. Figured that made the most sense. Well, I was wrong due to the irrationality of children and their odd behavior. Ice cream was a flop because for some odd reason the big eater of the family, Phoenix, couldn't figure out that you need to hold the stick and eat the ice cream, not hold the cold slippery ice cream bar and eat the stick. No matter how many times I flipped it over and tried handing it back to her she would throw a fit and push it away while smacking her head on the back of the chair. This girl has a tude, and she wants help from no one! The pool was a dud because jerk Trace kept splashing water on his friend Donnie, and dumping cups of water over Phoenix's head causing her to whine and sputter the water out of her mouth.
Poor girl, her brother has really begun to terrorize her.
The terrible two's are hitting us late in the Trafton home and they have had a lot of time to build up power. After being put in time out multiple times today, the last one, for throwing water on his sisters head sent him squealing like a pig to the slaughter. I grabbed my naked flailing wet kid from the pool and plunked him down into the newest "time out corner".  Then Phoenix began whining because no one was paying attention to her (and she was somehow tired again) so we moved the party into the playroom.
From there on in it was a destruction of watermelon chunks and toys. When Trace gets tired he gets very rambunctious and does not pay mind to anyone but himself. Things were thrown, people fell down, toys stomped on, babies hit...... it was time for naps. For everyone, including me. So I then spent the next hour trying to calm down the kids into sleep. Failed.
I am not ready to go through this 2 year old crap again with another baby.....
Can't I just skip over to say, 5 or so?
Ah.... the age where your kids think you are cool!
Or not?

"You eat it like this Feef"
 "Now you try Feef"
"Yay! Pick it up eat it Fifi"
"I'm gunna eat it if you don't lick it Fifi"
"I clean my hands first"
Mrs. Hot Stuff no ice cream in her mouth but all over her head
A whole lotta flashin going on!
Trace was being a sneaky little man
 Dive bombing owl on Fifi's head

 Donnie playing

 Tea Party! Look at Phoenix's snob face
Practicing standing with mommy

Yay baby!!
Big girl!

How is it that when I look back on the pictures of the day I get all mushy inside with love, yet in that moment I want to rip my head off and feed it to rabid dogs? I love these rascals so much. But they drive me nuts!!

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Adria said...

Love the pictures - your baby is so cute!

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