Fall-ing In Love!!!

Oh boy! 
My favorite season is knocking on my front door! The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and chilly. The trees are shaking in the wake of Summer's passing, while Fall makes her grand entrance.
For me Fall means
Yankee Candle
apple picking
pumpkin carving
warm sweaters
cozy boots
leaf piles
owl hats on each of my kids tiny heads
horror movies gallore
cuddling under blankets 
lazy nights with the fireplace

Batten down the hatches, crank that heat, pull on those adorable leg warmers and don your biggest smile! Time to get snuggly with all of those you love!!!

We got a new Himalayan!
I adopted Hannah last night, sadly she has FIV but as long as she is given proper love and care and stays indoors (my cats do anyway) she should live a long and healthy life. Poor baby was about to be euthenized simply because of the fact she had a sickness. Muffin should be safe from contracting it as long as they do not get into a huge fight and Hannah breaks skin. I will admit I am a tiny bit nervous but everything should work out ok. Hannah is spending the next couple of days in the playroom to adjust to life here. I am not sure how I will get the cats to meet and interact peacefully in six days time. We leave for Disney in under a week and I need them to be friends before then. 
Wish me luck!
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