Happy Birthday Phoenix...

Well, not quite yet but we celebrated early!
It was a small affair but so much fun. Dinner was homemade organic spinach and turkey lasagna with salad. It got to the table cold but everyone seemed to enjoy it. I think I had two bites the entire time, I can't ever just sit and enjoy a party I am hosting.
 The princess and all her glory say in her high chair adorned with balloons. She LOVED all the attention.
 After attempting to use a fork she gave up and decided hands were the better option. Until she knocked the entire bowl onto her lap. She exploded into 7pm bedtime tears and was put to sleep early. That meant the kids and I got to open her gifts! And I could not resist getting Trace and his friend Caeley gifts as well. 
Phoenix earlier in the day looking at all of her "loot"
 Can you tell I was more excited for the toys then anyone else?
 A car! Yeah!!
 Trace and Caeley got bubbles!
 Helping to open the gifts
Trace and his aunt and uncle
 Trace and his uncle playing with glow sticks
   After Fifi had a small nap we decided to dive into the cake, she was so grumpy she wanted nothing to do with it. But I forced her to at least look at it before going back to sleep! 
 We all sang happy birthday while Phoenix cried. 
The kids loved the cake and had so much fun!! I was filled with joy from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. It was a perfect celebration to the first year of my daughters life!
Happy Birthday baby, you are a miracle, my sweet.

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