Letting The Light In

 You can close the windows and darken your room, and you can open the windows and let light in. 
It is a matter of choice. 
Your mind is your room.
Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?
 Remez Sasson

I have opened my windows once again. I refuse to cloud my mind with negativity and dullness. I refuse to take unnatural medications to "fix" my "problems". I am once again in the present. No longer living in the past or fearing for a future that I am uncertain about. I know my future because I have thought of it, I focus on it daily. Therefore it has already come to be. And it is a damn good one- filled with happiness, love for my husband, and children who have grown to outstanding adults.

I spoke with a dear friend of mine a few days back. We went on a short walk in the woods to her little spot of heaven just down the road from her home. A quarry with beautiful quartz filled rock overhangs. We sat there taking in the scenery. Breathing in the soft warm breeze and holding our arms up in the air, sucking it deeply into our lungs and cleansing our auras. I felt so at peace, and her words instantly comforted me. She gently reminded me that everything I am is what I think. My thoughts had really gone astray and I need to reel them back in and begin to focus again.

It was then in that gorgeous spot that I made the conscious decision to drop all my worries, my deep sadness that had so suddenly overcome me, and accept that I AM fine. 
It is not I will be fine, or things will get better. Things AREbetter.
I am now. 
And I am back! 


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1 comment:

Bethy said...

Yay! What a great reminder that we control our emotions and thoughts. You go girl!

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