Photo Bomb!

The kids are at the grandparents for the weekend. This includes Phoenix. I am holding back from hyperventilating. This is the first time she has ever spent the night away from me but we are in the hardcore weaning stage and keeping her away from me at night will probably do the trick. As mean as that feels to me :(
So for the first time in over a year I had the day to myself, and tomorrow, and part of monday. 
This will be interesting, what will I do with myself? Clean? Most likely.... 
My friend Jen picked me up and helped me get out of the house in baby steps. We went to our local orchard, got lunch (I ignored the very large crowd surrounding me) and we packed up our food and headed to a quiet grassy spot that we donned "Vagina Hill". Don't ask me why, we were in quite a silly mood. One I haven't been in for soooo long. I welcomed it with open arms and acted like the old idiot Kelly I love so much. We spent a good 20 minutes trying to capture pictures of each other jumping midair and had long talks about battling social phobias and the hardships of child rearing. 
We swatted bugs, nestled our feet in the long grass and watched the people picking their fruits and berries down below us. The sky was blue, it was quiet, and I for once had no where to be.
Vagina Hill did us both some good. 
Love this girl<3
Pure silliness
Vagina Hill would never be complete without the essentials.
 On top of that we got some sweet shots yesterday of the kids having a great play date. Trace and Jen's daughter Caeley are destined to be married.
(Ok, so most were of Phoenix but that was because she can't run away yet. So she gets tortured with the camera until then)
Monster faces!
Breakin it down!
This guy is all about good hair.
The kids outright attacking me.
 This weekend while it will be very hard on me will also be very much needed. The house is eerily quite. I am afraid to go upstairs and look into their empty bedrooms for fear of crying. I know this is good, I know we all need it for our own reasons but it doesn't make it any less easy. However, when I get upset about weaning I can think back on days like today where I was footloose and fancy free. It felt good to not have that 2 hour limit, to be able to come and go as I please kid free for the first time in a year.

I am getting better. 
Tiny tiny baby steps.

P.s. Check out my kids sweet dance moves. Be jealous you don't move like that. 

Notice my kids never wear pants? 
Gotta love that cloth!

The night just ended with a spontaneous  Dairy Queen date with the hubs<3

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