Time Traveling

I wish my computer had sound, it doesn't so I am afraid of what some of these videos say in them but in my travels through YouTube I found some classic moments in my life.
 Derek likes to spend hours making cheesy movies, and as annoying as it is at the time I appreciate them later. These brought back lots of smiles!

The first video was just a styu[id little thing Derek did of our old roommates in the home before our last apartment. That house was PACKED and we had a blast there. Epitome of "Frat House" complete with mismatched furniture, dishes piled sky high, dirty bathrooms, and continual parties where there "walk of shame" happened every morning by this or that girl. Someone always left some sort of awesome jewelery or makeup laying around after they left, and me being the only girl living there reaped the rewards haha. Good times. 
I was so pregnant with Trace in this video!

My Honeymoon 
(5 months preggo with Trace)

Ah.... it all seems so far away now... and in reality Derek and I are coming up on our third wedding anniversary this month.

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