Surprises All Around!

I am off to DisneyWorld tomorrow at 4am! What an adventure that is going to be, not excited to get the kids up and out the door that early. I literally just packed everything we need right now, on top of babysitting my friend's daughters. Today is my 3 year anniversary with Derek! He surprised me BIG  time yesterday when there was a knock on the door and this  walked through!
Derek hates dogs, so much. I have been begging for a dog since the day I moved in with him. He said "No way, No how".  That man really loves me. 
Meet Jax, a beagle lab mix, I am so in love! 
Needless to say the new cat (I was completely unaware a doggy was coming into the mix) is ripshit. She has bitten me and the dog already. Muffin has spent an entire day under my bed. No one is eating except the dumb dog. 

In other news: I have an awesome surprise for you guys! As mentioned before, my best friend Amie will be taking over The Teeny Tiny Mommy for the ten days while I am away. 
She has told me a few ideas she has for you guys and I am so excited to see them when I come home. But, I'm a bit nervous. Amie is a crazy gal and I am scared of the stories she may spill while I am away. We had our fair share of bad girl times. She is a fun loving, hard working, drama queen with a heart of gold. This girl has the best sense of humor so be ready to laugh! And probably cry at least once.

Anyway- I have alot more to get done before tomorrow morning. Off I go to the store and try not to panic about the fact I am going to be on a plane. 
I will miss you guys! 
XoXo Kelly

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Rhiannon said...

Have a beautiful time away!!
Luv Rhi

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