hello, new friends!

so! it's officially vacation week at the trafton household. obviously, i mean that the traftons are (almost) in florida, but it's vacation for me, too! oh yeahhh, housesitting all week in a GORGEOUS house! i'm looking forward to ten days of relaxing, playing with new animal friends, and watching arrested development on an awesome flatscreen. and of course, i'm excited to blog for kelly and maybe get to know you guys a little better!

so here's a little about me to start off. my name is amanda, more commonly known as amie, or auntie amie, ameep, or mattamie, depending on who you talk to. (the last three are my affectionate titles from trace). i'm 21 and a kind of senior in college. my favorite things in the world are arrested development, poetry, bright eyes and radiohead, my boyfriend matt, harry potter, and sushi! i don't have kids, but i'm phoenix's godmother and i consider trace my best friend :) i'll elaborate on those things later...they're all on my list for future blogs! so yeah. i'm excited to run teeny tiny mommy for a little while. you guys are in for some great stories...and don't worry, kel, i'll keep them clean.

i think she's more worried about me destroying her blog than she is about me destroying her house.

but for now, it's time to install a cat door. gotta keep these animals alive somehow......

OH! i'm doing my best to learn how to use blogspot, because i'm used to having tumblr. if you have one, feel free to follow me! http://legacyofthunderstorms.tumblr.com

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