the adventures of kelly and amie: pt 1

hi again, everyone! kelly and the clan have made it safely to florida, i'm very jealous :( but i'm sure they're having a super time! it was two babies up and out the door at 3 a.m. when i myself was NOT awake at all. the animals have made it safely through day one of me and matt working, so that's also a nice little success.

so i decided that my first guest blog should probably be the story of kelly and amie. i'm not sure i even know where to begin here haha. kel has been part of my life for SEVEN freaking years now...which is nuts. she's been my friend for so long, i kind of just think of her as always being there. we've had great adventures since we first met all those years ago.

we met through a group of mutual friends (who neither of us talk to anymore hahaha). my first real memory of kelly was her at her own birthday party...she took the phone from my ex-boyfriend and said (or...slurred...) about what a nice girl i was. she talked to me for about 15 minutes, telling me i was cool and awesome and great. funny enough, i'd never talked to her before!! i knew from that moment that a great friendship was to come...

we were joined at the hip from when we first met. we went on ghost adventures, shopping trips, her first apartment on her own (i like to think of it as ours since i never went home lol), prank calls, babies...we've gone through it all and every day makes me realize how lucky i am to have her as my sister and best friend<3

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