Checking In!

Hello my loves! 
I am still pale as a ghost three days later. I hope you are enjoying Amie, I can tell she is trying to delicately touch on something hilarious before she dives right in. Just know I am reading right along with you, shaking my head laughing.
I am relaxing at the resort while Derek and his brother head off to Blizzard Beach. I am not a water park gal, all I can picture is every person looking around sneakily while peeing in the water. And then happy people splashing down from a water slide into a face full of piss. Yummy. Not my idea of a good time. Enjoy the urine facials boys, I will be back home with the kids coloring and hanging out with the in-laws. 
Trace met the love of his life yesterday morning, Minnie. You better believe he was overjoyed! I have taken so many pictures already (and bought way too many souvenirs) I can't wait to overload you all with the cuteness of our Disney adventure!

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