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so the first weekend of the trafton's vacation is over, and i've been slacking on blogging :( i bet kelly wants to kill me. BUT in my defense, i've been working alllllll weekend. derek abandoned us at the diner so we all had to bust our butts this weekend to make sure grumpy people had their breakfasts. i woke up to a picture from kelly that wouldn't mean much to most people...it was a shot of a glass ceiling with plants hanging from it. i saw it and instantly knew that she's at the harry potter theme park in universal!!!!!!!!!! i am SOOOOOO jealous. anyone that knows me knows that i am a 100%, loud and proud harry potter FREAK. i'm thoroughly convinced that harry potter is my soulmate. i'm obsessed. we have the same birthday and everything. oh yeah, it's love.
not only am i obsessed with the books and movies because they are such fantastic stories, harry potter did more for me than that. it got me into reading in general. as a 10 year old, i didn't want anything to do with books (so weird, if you know me) but i remember clearly getting the first harry potter book, and it honestly opened my eyes to so much literature. i don't have kids of my own but i will push reading onto trace and phoenix as much as i can!!! i know a lot of mommys read this blog and i think it's so important for everyone to make their kids read. read to your children, give them books instead of dumb toys, expand their minds as much as you can. reading and writing is so important to my life, it's brought so much joy to me, i've found some of the best friends i've ever had in books. i haaaaaaaaaate being in college and hearing people say "oh i don't read" or "i only read for class"...it makes me sick haha. pick up a book! read everyday. i'm making myself sound like such a nerd right now, can you tell i'm in school to be a teacher?
i have never been able to pick a favorite book but if you guys are looking for something new to read, check out any of these!
  • looking for alaska-john green.this was one of my FAVORITE books in high school. it's a really moving and beautifully written young adult book. i'm so excited that i get to read it for a class and give a presentation on it. alaska young is one of my favorite characters ever written, and the story behind these teens who try to grow up too fast is tragically beautiful.
  • a million little pieces-james frey/my friend leonard-james freyok ok i know this book is famous for being a lie that oprah believed, blah blah blah. i recently reread this story and i don't even care that it's all made up. it's an intriguing story about a man and his addictions, and the friendship, love, happiness and heartache that ensue.
  • hollywood-charles bukowskior really anything by bukowski. especially his poetry. he rocks. i could go on forever and ever but i'll leave it at that
wah, i'm blogging from class right now and class is about to end. i'll finish this list later! xoxo

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