I Forgot The Airborne.

Oh gosh guys, I feel like someone hit me with a massive elephant. 
I am sick. Really sick. 
My husband is home today and I plan on showering and climbing back into bed to sleep this icky away. I am so bummed though, I had lots of things planned for this week. And now I am a germy mess who sounds like a grizzly bear when I speak. What a waste of a perfectly sunny day.
I will be back soon to finish the project I started for Phoenix's room. 
 I will be painting this wood vanity black and filling in the etched flower part on the bottom of the mirror pink. Crystal handles for the two drawers will make this so adorable for my little girls room! This is my very first furniture remodel and I am so excited for the end result!
Alright- I feel like death so I am going to go climb back into my warm snuggly abyss of blankets.

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