Balancing Blogging And Mom-ing

I spend quite a bit of my time on the internet daily. Checking my emails, reading through my favorite blogs, finding out the latest gossip. To me it is an outlet. Connecting with other mommies who are in the same situation as I am helps me to feel less lonely and secluded in my home.  
Yet at the same time I feel guilty that my children may look at me and feel frustrated that at that moment I am not playing with them. I do my best to juggle both my children and some time for me during the day. I struggle with this every single day. What do you guys think? Does your time on the computer make you feel like you might be neglecting your kids a little?


Mommyof3 said...

Sometimes. Especially when I am rushing through my morning routine to see what I missed on facebook while I was asleep.

Adria said...

Yes, I struggle with this much of the time too. My teenage years were spent searching out alternate realities from my at home-life and the internet was a great way to to that. It's a hard habit to break after being so connected to it for the last decade. Sometimes I have to force myself to close the laptop and say to myself "I will NOT open it until 2pm" or something like that. My baby is so much happier when I am one on one with her, as opposed to talking to her from the couch. :/ It's definitely something I need to work on more actively now that she's older and has a much stronger concept of what's going on and she's so active and such.

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