I'm Having One Of "Those" Days

You know those days where one or both of your kids is away and you make all these plans in your head of what you want to accomplish in that free time, only to spend it lying on the couch watching tv the entire time. 
I'm having one of those days.
Both kids went to their grandparents for the night and although I have baskets upon baskets of clean folded laundry to sort and put away, dirty laundry to wash, chewed up wooden doll pieces on the floor from the dog, and general disarray mess to clean I have spent my time watching tv and ordering an entire Domino's pizza for myself.
The worst part is I know for a fact if someone entered my house they would gush over how orderly and clean it looks for someone with two little kids. But in my eyes it's a disaster and stresses me out to no end. I have spent all day telling myself, "one more hour" and attempting to muster any source of energy to get up and do anything on my mental list. Yet here I am at 5:30 pm with a load of sopping wet clothes in the wash waiting to be dried. 
Sigh... could I just allow one day to soak up the serenity and catch up on missed tv? 
I guess not, because my brain is punching itself into guilt.
There's always tomorrow I suppose. 
Or the next day.


patchhats said...

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Elaine said...

I think that you are fully entitled to a day of take out pizza and endless tv! Sometimes it's necessary to ditch the to-do list and grab those days of wide open hours and live them however you feel (no matter how unproductive it sounds!) Because they don't always come by often :-)

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