Moving On.

I am so excited! Look what I am about to fill out!
My first job application in over five years! 
From the moment I became pregnant with Trace and quit my job as a secretary I never thought the day would come where I would pick up a single application again. I hated working and truly thought my place was at home. My calling was being a mother, that and only that. And for a good year or so I believed this to be true. But slowly my desire to be out of the house and making my own money crept back in to my heart. There is something so gratifying about working hard and getting a pay check every week. I took it for granted. Or maybe now it is more of the fact I would just love to do something for myself. Or have sometime to call my own in a sense. Don't get me wrong, my calling is still within the home, but as I have come to realize, I feel I am more than just a mom. I want to contribute to the world in other ways. And this is why before Phoenix was born I took a class to become certified in Veterinary Assistance. 
For me, being pregnant and "stuck" at home with a one year old was more than I could bare at times, I needed something else to do. So I picked up a class at a local community college in something I was passionate about: animals. I passed with straight A's and made the highest grade for my class. I was so proud of what I had accomplished. For me it was more then just something to occupy some time away from home. It was a goal I had set for myself the moment I completed high school. Go to college. And while it may not have been a yearly thing. I passed (above and beyond) a college class. I got my certificate and tucked it away as a "Just in case" backup should I ever want to get a job. 
Now here I am a year later, with a 2 and a half year old and a one year old- I am ready for the next phase in life. And surprisingly this means getting a job. I am so excited for what is to come, for the experience I will gain and the self esteem that will come from this. I am ready to do something to contribute to the families financial flow, but mainly I am just ready to do something for me.
I am pretty darn pleased with myself today. So as a celebratory hurray I will be enjoying this lovely hard cider. In honor of this extremely gorgeous Fall day and new adventures to come.
And I will probably be drunk after only one.

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smalltownsoul said...

Congrats!! I am doing the same thing. I thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I felt like I wasn't contributing or had no self worth.

Good luck with the job search!!

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