My Perfect Day

I love Fall! I love chilly weather, hoodies, candles and gusty winds! Yesterday was the perfect day for all of the above. And so much more! I woke up early and got some housework done while the kids were still sleeping. We had a wonderful breakfast together and watched some cartoons. We played all morning and once they went down for their nap I got to work on making their Halloween arts and crafts for the day. Friends were on their way over and I was so excited to have a good time with two of my friends and their gorgeous daughters. I cut out a ton of ghosts, some spiders, and pumpkins for everyone to decorate. I had glue, glitter, crayons and a ton of inspiration for the fun we were about to have. While it didn't last nearly as long as I'd had hoped for the kids had a blast getting glitter all over the place. My entire floor is covered in glitter, the hardwood and the carpeting.
Maggie and her daughter Marley
 The kids glued ghosts onto a night sky and added glitter for stars.
 Phoenix had a hard time restraining herself from ripping her ghosts apart.
 Trace gluing his ghosts on
Phoenix putting eyes on her spider

After we were done making a huge mess the kids piled into the playroom to go nuts, dance, and have a good time with each other. 
 Trace showing everyone his summersaults
 Hugging Trace and Caeley
 Cracking up as the kids bust out some awesome dance moves.
 Riding horses!
 Favorite little guy
 Sweet baby girl

 Two best friends playing together
 "I don't like that mom!"

The girls having a blast!

After some indoor playtime we decided the day was too nice to keep our bundles of energy indoors and we took them (and the dog) outside to play in my backyard. 

The end of our playdate resulted in tired meltdowns and this awesome group shot.
After the kids and their moms left I got to working on some homemade organic spinach and three cheese lasagna. I am getting so good at lasagna's that I didn't even need a recipe. I was darn proud. The house was filled with the warm smells of home cooking. Hubby would be home soon and be thoroughly surprised!
After dinner (which had entirely too much garlic for my liking) we washed the kids and got them into pajamas. We read them this book over and over until my brain wanted to explode. 
 Derek and I made up voices for each pumpkin and listening to bursts of laughter. I was filled with joy over the fact my kids had such a good day. They went down to bed without a fuss (for once).
I then headed out with Jax for a lovely walk in the dark. The smells of firewood and crisp air were all around us. We walked for an hour it felt, and I was lost in my thoughts and joy. I have been having such a problem with this dog, he is not well trained at all. And to be honest I have no idea how to train such a large powerful dog but I am trying my best. Surprsingly I think he was just so happy to be somewhere new that he behaved himself for me. Thanks Jax. 
When I got home I plopped on the couch next to my husband and got down to something I haven't touched in over a year. 
I started this blanket for Trace before Phoenix was even an inkling. And I gave it up long before she arrived. But I am determined to show my love to my little guy in the softest way possible. In the form of a mommy made blanket. I will finish this thing!!!
After two rows I gave up, my hands were hurting. 
The night ended with some tv and curling up into a warm bed. 
I was so happy by the end of the night, my heart was filled with smiles.
Every bit of yesterday was perfect.

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