It's That Time!

 Oh yeah! Disney photos! I am feeling much better an the kids are at their grandparents for the day. This means horror movies and photo uploading all day!
Now that's what I call re-lax-ation!

Disney for 10 days was a blast. It was hot and we went to every single park. Including Universal. The kids were such troopers. They behaved so well even though the sun was beating down on us the whole day. They loved all the rides and sights.
It was such a blast watching their amazement at everything they saw. I was such a happy mommy.

On the way to Disney

Waiting for our plane at 5am
Getting ready for lift off!
We made it to Orlando!

The world's best castle!

Trace and his Grandparents
Watching birds

                     Stopping to play on a hot hot day

 Family times!
Where's the breeze?
Hello, Minnie? You there?
Epcot fireworks
This water fountain was awesome!
Trace and his first comic book

Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom

 Dino dinner!

 Breakfast with Mickey and Minnie!

 Time at the beach

 More time at the park

The End.


Rhiannon said...

I love the photos Kelly, it looks like it was a much needed escape, glad you had a wonderful time xxxx

Adria said...

Wow, you guys did a lot!! You all look great and like you had a wonderful time! I soooo want Dinosaur dinner. I love dinosaurs - looks like so much fun! That bird in the beginning totally freaks me out though lol!

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