Yay!!! Phoenix's vanity is finished and beautiful! I decided against painting the little vines pink. I wanted to keep it basic so the vanity could grow with her as she got older. I love it so much. My first furniture remodel, all it took was a can of spray paint and some new knobs for the drawers but I am still feeling mighty proud of myself. 
I am going spray paint crazy lately- I decided to paint the frames of three fairy pictures my mom gave to me for the babies room. She has had them since I was a little girl and I am so happy to have them for my home now. They used to be my favorite pictures. 
I was nervous about the green but I am really liking it now that they are hanging in her room. 
The dog ripped down her gorgeous butterfly netting above her crib, and I have yet to put it back up however her room is really coming together nicely! I love it!

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