Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday my friends! 
I am still recovering (or just trying to survive) from the flu. I was supposed to have a girls night (late birthday gift) with some of my good girlfriends tonight. But I had to cancel as much as it bummed me out. I feel like garbage.
Not such a happy sight.
 Luckily I have a great husband who has taken over most of the household chores and childcare while I try my best to get over this ick. This Thursday and I am smiling at all the new home decor I got for my living room. I am waiting on some curtains to get here and I think (phew, finally) one room in the house is complete!
Pictures will be here soon! As for now I am sending all my gratitude out for this beautiful home I have and the opportunity to be able to decorate it anyway I want! 
I am so grateful for my husband and his patience, even though I hear exasperated sighs when the kids crapped their diaper the second time in an hour, the dog is whining to be let out, and the laundry is piled sky high- he has been doing it all for me. I am very lucky. 
I am grateful for nap time and this peaceful view. 
Tired doggy!
I am so sleepy and weak but I am beyond grateful for everything that surrounds me. 
Life is wonderful. 

Send me your "grateful" list guys! 
I want to know what you are thankful for this week!

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smalltownsoul said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!! I posted a new Happpy List on my blog..Its like a Thankful list :)

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