Throwing In The Towel(s)

Day 1 was hard. 
I think I give up. This kid fought me tooth and nail to use the potty. NOTHING in the potty all day. I am frustrated.
I need some tips guys.

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Bekah said...

My best tip is not to stress, literally the DAY I stopped trying to make Ocean go in the potty she was potty trained.

Samantha said...

The more you push them to use the potty the more they resist. It becomes a power struggle and one that the parent will never win. It really is just best to let them figure it out on their own.
You could try reminding him in the morning that it is his responsibility to go potty in the toilet and remind him where the potty is and let him know you are there to help if he needs it. You could also start going to the bathroom after every meal/snack and just letting him sit on his potty so he starts to associate the two more.
Like Bekah said though, the best thing is don't stress over it.

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