Hybernation Starts Now

I know I haven't done my big ol' Disney post yet- I am almost dreading it. There are so many pictures and so many exciting things I have to say! However, since the moment I stepped foot through the door from vacation I have felt like I have been thrown into a whirlwind.For that reason I have been holding back on sloppily writing a vacation blog and waiting until I feel the blogging bug kick in. 
As of now I am enjoying the grey skies and time spent indoors under blankets. 
 The air is so crisp and fresh. I feel a cleansing of my lungs with every breath I inhale. Everyone is in their footie pajamas and snuggled up watching movies. I would have candles lit but sadly (and I really might shed a tear here) I am out of Yankee Candles. This is so very tragic in my home. We Trafton's love our candles!
I feel myself revisiting old memories I would rather not lately. It seems as if Fall brings with it a lot of repressed sadness. Every year around this time I go through a phase of reflection, understanding, forgiveness, and thus a phase of moving forward in life. This Fall is like opening my own Pandora's box of family issues. However this will be saved for another time. The kids are finishing dinner and Derek and I have a date with our television to get caught up on my favorite show Vampire Diaries. Juvenile yes, but addictive none the less!

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