Things I Love Right Now

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I am back! 
With some awesome things I love!

A friend introduced me to these fuzzy little bundles of joy and they are my newest obsession! How can you resist the cuteness?! I grabbed a Jack and Sally for my kids (ok, myself really) while away at Disney.

This article specifically on DIY chemical free Halloween face paint! 
This article on 11 ways to go greener in your bathroom

Ok so based on the online reviews that I failed to read before making this purchase the dream screen is not such a good buy. If you set aside the motor being slightly loud and no volume control I totally love this for Phoenix's crib at night. She seems to enjoy the song and the pictures of the seasons changing. There is even an attachment to hook up your ipod to play music from there! I have yet to do this since I do not own an ipod (gasp!)

If I did own an ipod I would be playing this for little Phoenix at night! 
Lullaby renditions of some of my favorite bands!
This just flat out rules!

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