I'm That Crazy Person

Who puts their Christmas tree up the day after Halloween, and doesn't take it down until late January.
Whatever, I don't care.
Trace had a blast decorating the tree.
I should note that my front entrance still has pumpkins and scarecrows out. And I just added to the outdoor decor  by putting our Christmas wreath on the front door. 


Mrs. Stone said...

Hehehe that's awsome. I'm the opposite...even though I'm DYING to put up the tree and decor I torture myself and wait until after Thanksgiving. I won't even let myself have eggnog or ginger or candy canes until then either. So we're both crazy in fun, opposite ways! bahahaha.

xo, mrs. stone

Cherry said...

hahaha i, on the other hand, put up the christmas tree by the end of november then take it out by the end of january... the longest was valentines! haha... advance merry christmas to your family!


HelloKelly said...

I should have waited until thanksgiving at least, I have a feeling this is going to get old fast and won't be as special once Christmas comes. This is the earliest I have put my stuff up. But oh well, the cat is enjoying ripping the ornaments down lol.

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