Things I Love Right Now

Crochet Dolls
I need to leanr how to crochet so I can make these!! I am just learning how to knit, and I have no idea how to follow a pattern or anything but once I am doing making Trace's blanket (which I started about two years ago) I might just start something fun like this! How cute would it be to make handmade dolls for my kids?!

"That's Not My..." Books
I am obsessed with these books, I would love to get the entire collection for my kids. Phoenix loves to feel each page. The stories are so simple, and each page contains a spot on the picture with a texture or eye catching fabric of some sort. Children not only learn to read but they are stimulated by the book as well. I love it!

Kidkraft Suite Elite Kitchen
For Christmas this year I am going to get the kids a kitchen for their playroom. I would love to go all out and get the Melissa and Doug kitchen but I can't see spending $200 on a toy. This one is half the price and that way I can buy a bunch of cute wooden food too!

This Hair & Outfits
I want to dye my hair blonde again, but due to the fact you need to keep up with roots every other week. I will stick with brown. I am trying to grow my hair out but it seems to take so long. And don't you love these dresses?

These Boots
Let's mix a little stripper meets polar bear in our lives every once in a while. I want these. No idea where I would ever wear them. But I want them.

 I am in love with winter right now!

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