Power Still Out For CT

New England is trashed. Connecticut has almost absolutely no power.
We were the lucky extreme few who has had power the past four days since storm Alfred came along and completely covered our state in blankets of heavy sloppy snow. Halloween was canceled for most of Connecticut. We have been piling as many people as possible into our home to help keep them warm and clean. The most we had at one time was 20, it was hectic. I am beyond tired. But it is so worth being able to help our family and friends. It's a terrible situation going on and I am so blessed to be able to have power and help anyone we can.
I have been washing sheets and doing laundry on a constant rotation. Making tea and coffee and feeding the masses.  It's been so nice to be surrounded by smiles and laughter on a daily basis.


Samantha said...

That map is crazy! I can't believe that many people are without power.

Rhiannon said...

Hey Kel, I have been away for a few days, and just saw this post, well done to you on putting so many people up, I think it would have been tough having so many people in your home! I hope you have it back to yourself and the family soon!Love Rhi xx

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