Starting My Christmas Shopping!

I have been so lazy lately. I have so many pictures and things I need to tell you guys but it has been hard to find the time lately to sit and write it all down. However, while the kids were napping yesterday I got a little crazy online with all the Black Friday sales. And I think the adventure continues today. Check out some of the things Santa will be bringing Trace and Phoenix! 

Disney Animators' Collection Pocahontas Doll
 OK I am not gunna lie here.... I got this more so I could look at it lol. I am SO in love with this series of toys. Every one of them is absolutely beautiful and so gorgeous!

Ergo Doll Carrier
 I know she isn't even walking yet but mommy has the same one! How could I resist!
 On a side note- Is anyone else as excited as me to see a baby wearing ad with a little boy and a doll??? I was so happy to see this! 

  Ocean Wonders Sea Sights Sounds Table

 Toy Story 3 Talking Toy - Blast Off Buzz Lightyear
Trace is obsessed with Toy Story 3 (who isn't?) he is going to love this Buzz doll!

Zhu Zhu Pets
My little man has loved these things for the past year or so, all of ours collected cat hair in the wheels and broke. I had to get him a new batch. He will be so happy to fill his little "hammy home" again.

Winnie the Pooh the movie
Little Tikes Endless Adventures Easy Store Jr. Slide

I got this slide for the kids playroom. This winter I will not be out in the snow.... so we need some fun activities for indoors. 

This is just a few things, I went crazy yesterday and I am sure I am not done yet hehe. What are you getting your babies this holiday season?


Samantha said...

So far Jack is getting a book, and Ava is getting some felt food that I am making. The holidays have been so far from my mind, I should probably get on it!

I wish we had room for a slide!

Adria said...

Iris is getting a potty (awesome present, eh? lol), the Melissa and Doug latch board, Plan Toys pull along snail toy, a sweater with a kitty on it she picked out at Target like 2 months ago, The Lion King dvd, and a canvas toddle sized tote bag for carrying around her smaller toys. Still gotta work on a couple little stocking stuffers! :D

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