Talk About A Heart Attack.

Well, it finally happened. The moment where you go from "motherhood is a breeze" to the mind altering, heart stopping, freeze in your steps- kind of mothering. 
 Yesterday after noon I was busy around the house getting things cleaned up before my playdate. Derek had left earlier in the day to go have some guy time in Boston. I was in and out of the play room where Trace and Phoenix were having a grand time pulling all the books from the bookshelf and throwing them every where possible. Each time I went in to put something away Trace would say, "Mommy come play with me".
 "One more minute hunnie, mommy has some cleaning to do."
"Mommy can you please sit and play with me now..."
"Hold on I am almost done, one more thing."
This went on a few times until the last time where I brushed him off and as I left the room I heard him sigh loudly under his breath. The little man was frustrated, and thinking back I don't blame him at all. I feel terrible thinking back on it now, I should have just stopped and played for a little with him. Instead I kept about my business and the next minute I hear the small squeak of pain from Phoenix that comes right before a large inhale of air (held for about 3 seconds), and the explosion of tears and crying. something had happened. 
I rushed into the room, her back was turned to me and Trace was holding a wooden block in his hand. I started soothing her before even getting to her side, "It's ok baby mommy is co...."
`I flipped her around in my arms.
Her head was covered in blood, her hair was matted with blood all in it, blood was pooling under her eyelids. Her eyes were completely red. I had no idea what had happened, all I knew was she was bleeding every where. I spent what felt like an eternity staring at her bloody face, her bloody shirt, blood dripping on the carpet. All I could do was look and say "oh shit oh shit oh shit..."
In that moment I began to shake, my teeth started chattering.
Who do I call? What do I do?
 I have never had an accident with my kids that ended in this much blood. Hell my kids haven't really had a scrape on their knee yet. I am a vigilant mommy, I don't let boo-boo's happen.  I collected myself, barely, ran to my phone and called my mother in law who works at my doctors office. "Please come quick, Trace hurt Fifi she is bleeding everywhere she has blood in her eyes. I don't know what to do." She flew out the door to get to me. Meanwhile I called my friend Jen who was on her way over for a play date and shakily told her she needed to come as quickly as possible.
I was sure this was bad, really really bad. I ran to the bathroom and got a washcloth, I began wiping her down. All the while thinking she was going to need stitches. I wanted to vomit. If I had just played with Trace he wouldn't have gotten so frustrated. He wouldn't have taken it out on her. He was annoyed with me and I saw the signs but I ignored them because I wanted to clean. I know better. 
After cleaning my smiling but confused daughter up I stopped, wait, this wasn't bad at all. I just called the cavalry and this is only a small cut? Nonna probably had a whole emergency crew set up to be ready to perform cranial surgery on my baby who was knocked unconscious on the floor. After all I never explained what happened, only said she was hurt. My poor mother in law was probably running over other cars with her own trying to get here as fast as possible. I found out later she was running into traffic trying to get to her car quick enough.
Oh Kelly.... (Lesson learned. Clean wound before calling for help.) 
Nonna arrived, Jen offered to watch Trace, and we headed off to the doctors office to make sure everything with my now laughing oblivious Phoenix was ok. When I arrived everyone was waiting for her nervously. And in we saunter with a tiny head scrape. In my defense no one saw the blood everywhere. And I brought her onesie so if anyone made fun of me I would at least have the proof there was alot of blood! She was checked out by every nurse in the building it felt like.
 Everyone came in to make sure little Fifi was healthy and safe. And she was.
No stitches. No medicine. No band-aid. She was fine. I tucked my tail between my legs and headed home. We spent the night cuddling and loving. Poor girl had a hard time falling asleep but with some love she finally passed out. It was all too much for me, I don't do well in injury related situations. Especially when it comes to my kids. I need to find a better coping mechanism when it comes to this haha. 
You can hardly tell she was hurt!
 Sigh, blood and all I have finally gained another badge in motherhood.
The "Boo-Boo" Badge
 How have you gained your boo-boo badge, and how did you react when it happened? I would love some advice on how to stay calm in sticky situations!



Glad she is okay and it was just a little boo-boo! I was in suspense the whole time!

Rhiannon said...

I completely know how you felt, I had a big scare a few months ago with Coop:


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