Trace Says Some Wacky Stuff!

My intellect in mommie's glasses.
 While changing a poopy diaper
Trace- "I like to eat while I poop mommy. I make my poop soft so it won't hurt me."

Trace hitting baby
Me- "What are you going to do when Phoenix gets older and wants to hit you back?"
Trace- "I will pick her up and put her in the road."

After Phoenix took a toy from Trace
Trace- " Mommy, tell mailman to come and get Fifi, only Fifi."

Auntie Amie showing Trace the presidents on coins
"Abe Lincoln was the sixteenth president."
Trace- "Why he only got six teeth?"

After putting a fake tattoo on Trace I asked him if he liked it
"Yes, I like it. I want a Mario one next and then I will get a mom tattoo."

Phoenix is crying
Trace- "Fifi is going crazy right now mom! Tell her to stop going crazy!"

Looking out a window in our home
Trace- "There's a CVS over there Mommy, I want to show you things in there. There are cards there and some big stuff.... and some ladies ."

Asking what the kids want for breakfast
Me- "Who wants a bagel??"
Trace- "Nooobody"

On cleaning the house
Trace- " I am going to sweep this house for you mom, and clean everything with wipes"

On torturing my cat (he can be creepy sometimes)
Trace- "I'm playing a game mommy. It's called 'Muff Game'. You gotta shoot her outside."

Burying his sister in blankets
Trace- "I''m burying Fifi mommy!! Like a treasure!"

On growing up
Trace- "My voice is very deep. It is very different now."

Amie- "How did you get so big?"
Trace- "I ate my food very good!"


Lexy said...

This had me literally lol-ing.
I work at a preschool and just cannot get enough of the things kids say! Haha! Thanks for a great start to the weekend! :)

Adria said...

"I''m burying Fifi mommy!! Like a treasure!"

This is SO sweet!

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