I Messed Up

I feel like such an animal failure. In the past two months or so I have adopted a cat and received a dog as a gift. Both of which I couldn't keep. The cat was miserable due to so many reasons and Jax is not the right dog for our family. Trace is having a very hard time with him and has gotten downright nasty towards the poor doggy.
And in Jax's defense he has gotten skittish and snippy. He has lunged for both of my kids faces a few times now. I cannot have that in my home. I am so disappointed and tired of hearing the "I told you so's"  I take my pet ownership very seriously I cannot believe I have had to find new homes for two pets in such a short amount of time. It feels terrible.
I know some day down the road I will find a dog that better suits our family but for now I am completely turned off by dogs now. Fifi is going to be so sad. She loves this dog. 

I am so sorry Jaxy but I will find you the most loving fitting family I can.

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