Baby Modeling? No Thanks.

Derek and I were walking in the mall today and we past by a small kiosk for child modeling. 
As we walked by a man stopped us and asked if I would ever consider signing Phoenix up for modeling, claiming she has very 'marketable' eyes.  Oh.... why thank you. I would rather you have said they were beautiful. No so much marketable. I kindly told him no thank you and that I did not believe in the idea of children modeling. He backed away like I had rabies or some sort of odd bug on my face. 
Yes, you heard me. I do not want to make my child a "star"!
Ever since Phoenix was born I have heard from numerous people she should be a baby model, and my husband has been the man in the forefront holding up a large sign reading, "Phoenix should be a model."  I am not sure why but this idea has always turned me off. Before kids I envisioned myself the pageant mom, prancing my daughter around in something ridiculous like this:
Now the sight and thought of putting my child in modeling makes me nauseous. It seems like it would be taking advantage of her. If my daughter grew up and asked me to market her eyes to the world I would have a long sit down with her and discuss the pro's and con's of moldeling. If after that she still wanted to become a model I would hold her hand and the two of us would bravely enter that world together. 
For now she is just a baby. And while her eyes are beautiful, they need not be exploited.
Except here. 
Because this is too cute to not show the whole world!


Bekah Joy said...

Oh man! I agree! Too young and impressionable, children need to be loved and nurtured right now so they can well adjusted, not modeling!

Adria said...

I totally agree! People have said the same thing to us about Iris, especially when she was a newborn. No thank you!!

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