I Have Been Failing Lately- Sorry

Honestly, I haven't been in the mood to write lately. 
And if I am not feeling it then there is no point in me slathering a bunch of heartless words here. So for now while the business of holidays are calming down and my mind is finally finding itself within the clutter of myself- I am going to continue to relax.
The days have been long. My heart has been in an odd state. And my meditation which was once daily has completely halted. This makes me really sad, I had been finding great peace within myself in meditating every day. Even for five minutes. It has evened me out so much. Medication free for months now *woot woot*!
I am waiting for some snow, waiting for some "mommy time", waiting for some girl time, and waiting for my daughter to walk. A lot of waiting going on. 

P.S. Enjoy the mishmash of pictures from Traces play date with his best friend Caeley in the insane bouncy castle my mom got the kids for Christmas. That along with the adorable outfit Fifi wore today!

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Jessica Rae -www.freckledmama.com said...

Sometimes you just need a break from blogging so you can feel it again.

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