Is it really New Years Eve today? 
 If it is, I have a feeling my night won't be any different then any other. This mama is going to bed early. My in laws took the babies last night and I got a good amount of sleep, actually I slept until 10 am this morning! WHOA! I am 16 again! haha. 

With the New Year knocking in my door I will let you guys in on some of my resolutions. Which by the way are not a huge thing in my book. I don't make many resolutions because I am continually working on and tweaking my resolutions or "goals" in life. My own personal goals are to be more present with my children, for one. I spend quite a bit of time with them but not present in that moment. I watch the things they do, but I do not actually see what they are doing. I am distracted, my brain is elsewhere. And yes admittedly it is an escape mechanism to keep myself from going batty. I have ranted over and over about how lonely and nutty I feel being a stay at home mom (without a car especially). But it is time I really try to move past this.

I need to play more. Plain and simple. I need to play with my children more. And again, grrr I hate playing. I have no imagination. I can barely make up my own bed time stories. 

With that being said maybe I need to become more imaginative. Somehow.

(Here comes the joke of the resolutions but I am going to put it anyways) I want to start working out again. No, I will not go crazy and start this huge regime but I would feel better being more physically active even just a few days a week. The trouble in this lies in finding time. 

I resolve to truly make more time for myself.

And most of all I resolve to judge less and love more. 
The biggest of my goals this year and for the years to come.

P.s. I guess I should start potting training Trace with full force soon. I am cringing. 

What are you resolutions for the upcoming year?

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