Facebook Fun Times

Good bye 2011! 

Figured I'd put up my status from Facebook since I hope that everyone can practice more acceptance in the next year.
 "This year has been an amazing time of emotional and spiritual growth for me. The love in my heart has grown immensely for those who surround my life and bring it such joy. This year I have learned patience, and I have also learned how to steer clear of those whose negative energies could be detrimental to the growth I desire to gain. This coming year will be filled with a large challenge for me that I plan on working hard to master: acceptance. I promise to accept all for who they are, and to realize that I cannot save the world, what I can do is help those willing to make a change to better themselves in whatever way they see fit. And for those not ready to better them selves I will accept their decision and move on without judgement or upset. Happy New Year everyone and I wish you the most fulfilling year thus far!"

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