Moments You Would Miss If You Blinked

There are moments in life which you completely pass by in the business of your day. They are the perfect moments that could be so easily neglected without the awareness needed to step outside your mundane day. 
I captured one of these moments this morning at nap time. And I am so glad I sneakily hid at the top of the staircase craning my camera around the corner hoping my little boy wouldn't catch me as he read himself to sleep. 
Each page he turned began with, "Once up a time..." 
My heart swelled with the simplicity of the moment,this moment was something I had dreamed of when he was smaller than my cat. Here was this moment, this dream I had long awaited but completely forgot about. Thank you Trace Avery Trafton for showing me the parts of childhood that I had completely forgotten. I love you endlessly.
By the way- The book he was so enthralled with. ADORABLE! 

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Mommyof3 said...

I loved this. I love the things you catch that you would have otherwise missed.
I always catch Krystal teaching Peyton "big girl" stuff, that she won't do when I am around because it embarrasses her.

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