Busy Busy Busy

Oh boy do I have alot of catching up to do with you guys! Bekah and her amazing family are here with me and they finally found a gorgeous apartment in NYC! I am so happy for them, now it is just the waiting game until their things get to the apartment so they can move in. 

Meanwhile Trace and Ocean have been having such a good time together and the conversations the two of them have alone are hilarious! He is so happy to have a friend that he can play with from sun up to sun down. 

Needless to say Bekah and I are exhausted running after 4 kids all day. We are both clean freaks so everything has to be in its place at all times. We chase after messes like nobody's business. 

Girls night at the mall
More pics to come soon, I am just so tired by the end of the day. 
My apologies.

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Rachel Hope said...

Aw! I miss my little nieces :( And my sister and brother :) <3

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