I Am So Happy

I have been slacking- I know, I know. I say it every weekly update now. However life has been a complete whirlwind and my eyelids can barely stay open due to all the non-stop action. 

We had my best friend Bekah and her family stay here for a week- NYC didn't pan out so well so they left for new territory. This time making the trek to Asheville, NC. I hope all works out for them so Bekah can finally relax. Poor mama has been on the go for over a month now. 
 The snow is finally coming down after waiting months. I am so in love with the way it looks outside right now. I am warm and toasty inside, the kids have been bathed and donned in fresh lavender smelling jammies and put down for a nap. 
When they wake up I have plans to bake cookies and brownies with them and wait until daddy comes home from work. I hope he wants to take Trace outside to play because I sure don't want to go out in that freezing cold weather. snow is nice to look at and that is about it for me.

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