My Attack Plan For Nap Time!

I have come up with the most ingenious, sneaky, smart plan for nap time!
Oh it is so smart I am kicking myself I never thought of it sooner!

Nap time around here is roughly 3 hours after what ever time the kids wake. Any longer and they turn into angry little monsters. I used to feed my kids lunch immediately after their naps. But today nap time came a little later, and this is when my little plan came into fruition. 

It started off innocently enough but as the wheels began turning in my head I got deeper and deeper into my thoughts. What if.... now just humor me for a second, please. 
What if... I fed the kids a huuuuge yummy fulfilling lunch (and here comes the kicker, get ready) before nap time!?

Oh, how cunning I am!

Their little bellies will be so full they just might sleep longer. 
 And so I made their lunch with secret intentions and they fell into my trap so easily. They never knew that happy tummys before bed meant more time for me to clean, and a chance for me to *gasp* 
And sleep longer they did. For once, no one woke up grumpy.
I need to continue on this path and hope they never find out. 

In other news:
I would also like to take a moment to let everyone know how much I appreciate my best friend Amanda. She came over today with Wendy's for my lunch, changed about 3 poopy diapers, played with the kids while I made a few phone calls, helped me re-arrange an entire room, moved furniture to the basement for me, and when Trace asked for a bath randomly she instantly plucked him up and gave him and Phoenix a bath. After that she took me to Walmart so I could have a little breather away from the kids. 
Honestly, could anyone ever ask for a kinder friend?
No, I don't think so. 

I love you so much.


Mommyof3 said...

That is a good friend!
I like your idea for a nap, I will have to try that too. I am an after nap luncher too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a mommy, but I am a napper and after lunch always works best for me!

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