Computer Takeover (Update!)

Hello my sweet friends! Again- apologies for not having a laptop yet.

 There has been alot of action in my little red home. And most of it hasn't been so good, I must be honest. 

First, a really bad GI bug has been floating around the town and Phoenix was the first to pick it up in our home. I have never seen my poor girl so sick in her young life. She woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of reguritated green beans and macaroni and cheese. She was unconsolable which in turn lead to more vomiting. I held and consoled her until the morning and then rushed her to the ER where they checked her hydration and such. She was sent home with an okay diagnosis and spent th rest of the day curled up on the coach watching cartoons and cuddling with her mom.
Sick baby napping with daddy

After a day or two she recovered was back back to wreaking havoc around the house with her brother.

    And then! Mama got sick. Thursday at 2am I was up vomitting, over and over....and over. Until finally I lay crumpled on the bath mat next to the toilet shaking from lack of fluids and exhaustion. Nothing would stay down and I had no energy to move. By 6am Derek was on the phone with the emergeny room asking if I should come in. They thought it would be best if I came in to be checked. My throat was raw and sore from losing my entire stomach contents, all that was left in me was disgusting bile. My bones ached and my nerves were fried from worrying about the baby inside of me. I looked like hell, worse then hell. We woke the baby up, bundled her in a jacket and headed out into a snow storm Friday morning to get the emergency room 15 minutes away. Luckily Trace was at his grandparents for the night which made things alot easier.

I was admitted to a room, examined, and given 3 liters of fluid to get my energy back. After what seemed like forever we headed home. Once I got home the vonmitting had subsided and so began the fluid loss from the other end! And all I can say is- there were quite a few chuckles with that aspect to get me through the next 24 hours of hell.

I needed rest desperatly and once again, Derek's amazing parents took the kids until I could get better while Derek was at work. Yesterday morning came and I felt so much better. I had an appetite, I ate a yummy breakfast while relaxing on the couch and catching up on some shows. I showered for the first time in days. It felt amazing to be clean again! You always feel so refreshed once you step out of the shower squeaky clean. I got dressed in sweats and threw my hair up and took a mental list of what I needed to clean that day. First things first I was headed upstairs to clean the toilet. While I probably made it slighty worse from being so sick, with your face in the potty you really get a nice view of how much they need to be scrubbed. I cleaned the toilet, vacuumed the floors, swept, got some laundry done, and a bunch of other small tasks that were tapping at my brain while I was laying sick in bed.

While I was flying around the house in a cleaning frenzy I stopped apbruptly when I thought I felt some leaking. I passed it off as nothing and went about my business. Until I felt it again. I rushed to the bathroom to check and found blood. My heart stopped and my hands started shaking. I had never bled at all throughout any of my pregnancies. This was new, and very scary for me. I called my mom, and then I called the emergency room. They wanted me to come in so I could get checked out. 2 days after I had come home from the gastro intestinal bug, I packed up and waited for my mom to arrive to keep me company. I texted Derek at work to let him know where I was and what was going on. I headed to the hospital in my moms car sitting on a towel (it was needed), I was expecting the worst. I couldn't hold myself together. All I could say in my head was, "no... no... please.. no". Everything I was ever afriad of once I saw a positive on the pregnancy test faded. All I wanted was this baby. And for this baby to be healthy.

I was admitted, blood taken for what felt like the tenth time in a week. I waited an eternity for an ultrasound. Finally I was wheeled to a room with an ultrasound tech who ran the scope across my stomach looking for a sign of the baby. My heart was pounding. Each time she pushed down on my stomach I cringed, blood was pouring out of me. This couldn't be good, there had to have been a problem. And then a heartbeat. A loud, fast, heartbeat.

"That's my heart right?", I asked through tears.
The ultrasound tech smiled and said, "No, that's your baby."
She swivled the screen around for me to see. My entire body relaxed in relief.
The baby was ok! The baby was wiggling, squirming, and all around healthy looking.
Baby Bean 3!
 I returned to my patient room with a new feeling of hope. I was still worried that something was off, but at least the baby was alive. That was all that mattered.

Test after test was completed and the guess as to what the problem was there was a pouch of blood behind my cervix. The doctor cleaned it the best he could and said everything should be ok. I was given a week of bed rest.

While I am still bleeding here and there I have been taking it easy. I miss my kids so much, it feels like from one issue to another, they have been at thier grandparents for days. I need the rest so desperately though. My mind and body are completely drained. I am exhausted and my body aches from the last week,

Derek has begun getting the first signs of the bug so I am suspecting we will have another few days of hell here. Once this all clears up things should be back to normal. I am just so thankful for the saftey of my little fetus.

What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.  -George Eliot
I hope you all are doing well, I miss blogging terribly and I hope to have some sort of computer soon.


Shaina said...

Love that baby picture! :-D

Heather said...

Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

Keri~Native Moss said...

I am so relieved that everything is ok with your baby! Oh my goodness, you had my heart pounding reading this post. I totally understand the fear.
Glad that all is better now.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong & best of health to you and your fam :)

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